Municipal Grant Program Guidelines
for Submitting an Application for 2022 Projects

The only eligible applicants are:

  • Bensalem Township
  • Bristol Borough
  • Bristol T ownship
  • County of Bucks
  • Hulmeville Borough
  • Langhorne Borough
  • Langhorne Manor Borough
  • Lower Southampton T ownship
  • Middletown T ownship
  • Penndel Borough

ALL applications must include a resolution from an eligible municipality listed above.

The deadline to submit applications to the Authority is THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 30, 2021 – 4:30 P.M. (Applications submitted after 4:30 P.M. will not be accepted.)

The ELIGIBLE MUNICIPALITY submitting the application must certify the application by completing and signing the “Certification” page.

If an application is being submitted by an eligible municipality on behalf of a SUB-GRANTEE, the SUB-GRANTEE must also certify the application by completing and submitting the “Sub-Grantee Certification” form.

ALL applications must be completed using the “Municipal Grant Program – 2021 Application for 2022 Projects” either online or by submitting a physical application. Applications submitted on previous versions of the Municipal Grant Program application will not be accepted.

Projects must be completed by December 31, 2022.

If submitting a physical application, submit two (2) original hard copies of the entire application (blue-line application form with originalsignatures in blue) and five (5) hard copies of the entire application.

Do not submit bound copies of the application.

When submitting more than one application, be sure to include a cover letter listing the municipality’s priority of applications.

Municipalities will have the opportunity to make a presentation to help the Redevelopment Authority understand the projects and the municipality’s priority of applications.

Questions regarding the application should be submitted in writing via email, fax (215-781-8716) or letter to the attention of Joe Hogan ( No oral interpretations will be given.


The Municipal Grant Program (MGP) provides grants for capital projects and public improvements. MGP funds may be used for projects consistent with the Pennsylvania Race Horse and Development Gaming Act of 2004, as amended by the Act of October 30, 2017, P.L. 419 (the “Act”). The MGP provides grants to eligible municipalities for projects which, in the judgment of the Redevelopment Authority of the County of Bucks (the “Authority”), comply with the provisions of the Act. Care in preparation of the application will assist the Authority in its processing.

The Application

It is the intent of the application process to cover all necessary issues that will need to be reviewed during the various stages of the approval process and avoid frustration later with requests for more information.

Please review all the information, answer all aspects of the application completely and provide all exhibits required.

What to Submit:

  • Two (2) original hard copies of the entire application (blue line application form, signed in blue ink)
  • Five (5) hard copies of the entire application (Applications must be submitted to the Authority by 4:30p.m. Wednesday, September 30, 2020.)
  • Do not submit bound copies of the application.

The following MUST be attached for the application to be processed:

  1. Project cost verification data
  2. Resolution by governing body of the eligible municipality submitting the application

If your project requires engineered plans, you must attach the following:

  1. Engineered plans; or concept plans if engineered plans are not complete

If your project requires planning commission review, you must include the following:

  1. Letter from the appropriate planning commission that the project is in keeping with the municipality’s comprehensive plan and any other relevant plans and studies.

Section I | Municipality Eligible applicants

The only eligible applicants are Bensalem Township, Bristol Borough, Bristol Township, County of Bucks, Hulmeville Borough, Langhorne Borough, Langhorne Manor Borough, Lower Southampton Township, Middletown Township and Penndel Borough.


Section II | Project Information

Project Title: Provide a project title. The project title will be used to refer to your project throughout the review process.

Project Location: Provide the actual address of the project site. If this project involves more than one site, please provide the requested information in the project narrative.

Intended Use of Funds: Check the appropriate box to describe how the grant will be used

Project Description: Provide a brief summary of the project.

Permits: If applicable, indicate whether permit(s) are needed for your project and list the permits required for the project. If permits are required by have not been approved, provide the expected approval date.

Project Cost/Grant Request: Enter the total project cost and the amount of the grant request. Note these figures must match the figures in the Project Sources and Uses Table.

Section III | Project Narrative

Provide a typewritten narrative that is detailed and provides a comprehensive description of the project. The following checklist will assist you with the completion of this section:

  • Identify the specific problem(s) to be addressed and/or improvements to be financed
  • Explanation of how the project will address an impact or impacts from the gaming facility operations
  • Project Description that is detailed and addresses gaming impacts
  • In depth scope of work including project schedule, key milestones and dates(NOTE: ALL PROJECTS MUST BE COMPLETED BY DECEMBER 31, 2021)
  • Address each cost item identified in the Project Budget and attach documentation to support budget cost
  • The useful life of machinery and/or equipment to be acquired

Section IV | Needs and Benefit Assessment

On a typewritten separate sheet of paper, describe how the project addresses an impact or impacts on the community associated with the gaming facility operations. Demonstrate the link between the project, the impact(s) of gaming facility operations on the community and why the need is an important priority for the community. Present the long and short term benefits of the project and provide practical evidence to support claims (i.e. surveys, studies, research, citizen participation, etc.) If there are urgent conditions related to the project, please explain them. For example, a window of opportunity that will not exist in the future, a health and/or safety issue or hazardous condition that needs to be addressed quickly, loss of important resource, etc.

Section V | Plans & Community Involvement

If your project requires engineered plans but plans are not complete, you must submit concept plans, and be sure to provide a date for completion of plans in the project narrative or project time-table.Describe how the project is consistent with local, regional, state and/or federal plans, or will address local, state and/or federal priorities. Describe the level of public participation involved with your project.

Section VI | Project Sources & Uses Table

Identify all sources of funds for the project. List the Municipal Grant Program funds in the first column and any matching funds from the municipality in the second column. Identify all other sources of funding for the project in the remaining columns.Subtotal all line items and funding sources where indicated. Do not use cents when calculating the budget amounts. Use the fifth column to total each line item. DO NOT ENTER NUMBERS IN SHADED AREAS. If an amount is placed in the “OTHER” category, specify what the funding will be used for.The Municipal Grant Total and the Project Total must match the amount listed in Section II.

Section VII | Basis of Cost

Check the appropriate box or boxes to indicate the basis of the project costs and attach copies of all items checked.

Section VIII | Certification

This page must be completed by the ELIGIBLE MUNICIPALITY identified in Section I and must be signed by the ELIGIBLE MUNICIPALITY. Original application copies should be signed in blue ink.

Section IX | Sub-Grantee Certification (if applicable)

If the application is being submitted on behalf of a sub-grantee, the sub-grantee must complete the “Sub-Grantee Certification” page. Original application copies should be signed in blue ink.


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