Since its creation in 1962, the Redevelopment Authority of the County of Bucks has been instrumental in the rehabilitation and reuse of vacant or underutilized industrial, commercial and residential properties throughout Bucks County. The Redevelopment Authority is empowered by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania through Act 385, more commonly known as the “Urban Redevelopment Law”. The Pennsylvania General Assembly passed the Act on May 25, 1945. Redevelopment Authority’s operate in situations where the private sector and/or local governments cannot effectively perform.

The Redevelopment Authority of the County of Bucks is an agency created by the County of Bucks and is designed to assist municipal, non-profit and private entities in the fields of redevelopment and economic development. The Redevelopment Authority is a quasi-public agency with the power of eminent domain allowing acquisition of substandard properties. With experience in applying for and obtaining federal, state and local grants, low-interest financing and tax credits – which can provide the financial resources necessary to carry out community and economic development projects – the Redevelopment Authority can be an integral component in assisting municipal, non-profit and private entities to revitalize former industrial and commercial sites, improve housing conditions, upgrade deteriorated areas and assist in environmental remediation of contaminated properties.

The Redevelopment Authority can plan, administer and implement redevelopment and community improvement projects as well as provide assistance in identifying and obtaining public funding for industrial, commercial or residential improvements or expansion projects. With the approval of the local municipality, the Redevelopment Authority can condemn property where a local community desires to address blight and redevelop strategically located land for new and more productive land utilization.

The Redevelopment Authority strives to strengthen communities and inspire revitalization through comprehensive approaches that coordinate quality housing, economic development and the opportunity of family sustaining employment in the County of Bucks. Linking quality housing with economic development initiatives in local areas provides a strong base for home-ownership and ensures proper maintenance of existing housing stock.

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