As the Chairman of the Redevelopment Authority of the County of Bucks it is my pleasure to welcome you to our website.  The Redevelopment Authority was created in 1962,  empowered by Act 385, more commonly known as the “Urban Redevelopment Law”. The Redevelopment Authority assists municipalities, businesses, private developers, homeowners, and non-profits located in the County of Bucks in the rehabilitation of blighted and deteriorated properties and reuse of abandoned, unused or underutilized commercial and industrial sites.

If you are a business we can help with numerous different projects such as expanding your space, growing your work force, assisting with environmental issues,  and helping to purchase property. Low interest loans may be available as well as possible tax credits and grant funding.

If you are a Bucks County municipality, we can help you return tax delinquent property to a tax-paying state, restore vacant blighted properties, revitalize deteriorated areas and oversee and apply for state and federal grants.

We are proud of what we do at the Redevelopment Authority so please, explore our website to learn more about the Redevelopment Authority’s projects and programs. If you have any questions, comments or would like to discuss how the Redevelopment Authority can assist your business or community, please do not hesitate to give our office a call.

–  Ralph DiGuiseppeChairman of the Board

Bryan Servis

Vice Chairman

William M. Pezza




John Cordisco, Esq.

Assistant Secretary/Treasurer


Sean D. Schafer, Esq., 2017-2022
Patricia L. Bachtle, 2000-2017
Virginia Waters, 1992 – 2000
Joseph F. Catania, 1986 – 1992
Gennaro J. Catalano, 1982 – 1986
Richard Newman, 1979 – 1982
Leon P. O’Conner, 1978 – 1979
Luke J. Antonelli, 1974 – 1978
Francis J. McKay, 1973 – 1974
Dr. Earlin H. Lutz, 1971 – 1973
William O. Kline, 1963 – 1971
Clarence V. Afflerback, 1962 – 1963


Patricia L. Bachtle
Albert W. Bader
Michael Barnes
Joseph Catania
Ray Chapman
Ted Christian
Carl J. Cini
David G. Costello
Thomas Courduff
Rosemarie Curran
LaRoy G. Davis
Dominick J. DiLissio
Peter Dominick
Frank E. Elliot
William R. Esposito
Leroy D. Evans
Harry T. Foster

Keith E. Froggatt, Sr.
Peter B. Keen
Raymond Kelley
James N. Kline
Richard Lexoux
George A. Owens
Edgar N. Putman
Walter, L. Rubel
John M. Rodgers
Sean D. Schafer, Esq.
James Skillman
Joseph F. Stanley
Joseph J. Szafran, Jr.
Vincent P. Vendetti
Virginia Waters
Harry Zambelli

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