Chapter 18A

1701. Short title.
1702. Findings and declaration of policy.
1703. Definitions.
1704. Formation of Authorities.
1704.1. Dissolution of city authorities.
1704.2. Dissolution of county authorities.
1705. Appointment and qualifications of members of Authority.
1706. Tenure and compensation of members of Authority.
1707. Organization of Authority.
1708. Interest of members or employees.
1709. Powers of an Authority.
1710. Preparation and adoption of redevelopment proposal.
1711. Provisions of the redevelopment contract.
1711.1. Preparation and provisions of a residential housing redevelopment program and commercial and industrial redevelopment program.
1712. Eminent domain.
1712.1. Blighted property removal.
1713. Bonds of an Authority.
1713.1. Repealed.
1714. Form and sale of bonds.
1715. Provisions of bonds, trust, indentures and mortgages.
1716. Remedies of an obligee of Authority.
1717. Additional remedies conferrable by Authority.
1718. Aid from Government.
1719. Records and reports.
1719.1. Notice to displaced persons.
1719.2. Statute of limitations.


1741. Short title.
1742. Finding and declaration of necessity.
1743. Definitions.
1744. Cooperation in redevelopment.
1745. Contracts for payments to city, borough, town, township or county.
1746. Advances to redevelopment authority.
1746.1. Designation of redevelopment authorities as agents; purpose.
1747. Supplemental nature of act.

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