• An agency created by the County of Bucks
  • Designed to assist municipal, non-profit corporations and private investors in the fields of redevelopment and economic development
  • A quasi-public agency with the power of eminent domain allowing acquisition of substandard properties, etc.
  • Experienced in applying for and obtaining federal and state grants and low-interest rate funding which can provide the financial resources necessary to carry out community development projects
  • Interested in assisting communities, non-profit and private corporations to redevelop former industrial sites and improve housing conditions, upgrade deteriorated commercial areas, assist in environmental remediation of sites, etc.

  • Plan, administer and implement redevelopment and community improvement projects.
  • Provide assistance in identifying and obtaining public funding for industrial, commercial or residential improvements or expansion projects.
  • With the approval of the local municipality, condemn property where a local community desires to acquire private property and redevelop strategically located land for new and more productive land utilization.
  • Assist communities in all areas of community development or economic development.

  • Respond immediately to requests for assistance from communities, non-profit and private corporations, and public enterprises desiring assistance in the fields of public finance, development and redevelopment.
  • Identify methods of financing designed to meet the individual goals and objectives established by communities and appropriate to the site.

  • To procure from the Bucks County Planning Commission the designation of areas in need of redevelopment and its recommendations for such redevelopment;
  • To study the recommendations of the Planning Commission for redevelopment of any area and to make its own additional investigations and recommendations thereon; to initiate preliminary studies of possible redevelopment areas to make and assist in implementing (a) plans for carrying out a program of voluntary repair, rehabilitation and conservation of real property, buildings and improvements, (b) plans for the enforcement of laws, codes and regulations relating to the use of land and the use and occupancy of buildings and improvements, (c) plans for the relocation of persons (including families, business concerns and others) displaced by any other Government activities related to the purposes of this act or any activities of the Authority, (d) preliminary plans outlining redevelopment activities for neighborhoods to embrace two or more redevelopment areas, and (e) preliminary surveys to determine if the undertaking and carrying out of a redevelopment project are feasible;
  • To cooperate with any government or municipality;
  • To act as an agent of the State or Federal Government or any of its instrumentality’s or agencies for the public purposes;
  • To arrange or contract with any municipality located, in whole or in part, with the Authority’s field of operation, or with the State or Federal Government for the furnishing, planning, replanning, constructing, installing, opening or closing of streets, roads, roadways, alleys, sidewalks or other places or facilities, or for the acquisition by such municipality or State or Federal Government of property options or property options or property rights or for the funding for the furnishing of property or services in connection with a redevelopment area;
  • To arrange or contract with the Commonwealth, its agencies, any municipality to the extent that is within the scope of their respective functions (a) to cause the services customarily provided by each of them to be rendered for the benefits of such Authority or the occupants of any redevelopment area, (b) to provide and maintain parks, recreational centers, schools, sewerage, transportation, water and other municipal facilities adjacent to or in connection with redevelopment areas, and (c) to plan, replan, zone or rezone any part of the municipality in connection with any redevelopment proposal of the Authority;
  • To enter upon any building or property in order to make surveys or soundings;
  • To assemble, purchase, obtain options upon, acquire by gift, grant, bequest, devise or otherwise any real or personal property or any interest therein from any person, firm, corporation, municipality or government;
  • To acquire by eminent domain any real property, including improvements and fixtures for the public purposes set forth in this act;
  • To own, hold, clear, improve and manage real property;
  • To sell, lease or otherwise transfer any real property located outside of a redevelopment area and, subject to approval by the local governing body, any real property in a redevelopment area: Provided, that with respect to a redevelopment area the Authority finds that the sale, lease or other transfer of any part will not be prejudicial to the sale or lease of the other parts of the redevelopment area, nor be in any other way prejudicial to the realization of the redevelopment proposal approved by the governing body;
  • To conduct examinations and investigations and to hear testimony and take proof, under oath or affirmation at public or private hearings, on any matter material for its information.
  • To issue subpoenas requiring the attendance of witnesses and the productions of books and papers pertinent to any hearing before the Authority, or before one or more members of the Authority appointed by it to conduct such hearing;
  • To apply to any court having territorial jurisdiction of the offense to have punished for contempt any witness, who refuses to obey a subpoena, or who refuses to be sworn or affirmed, or to testify, or, who is guilty of any contempt after summons to appear;
  • To make, directly or indirectly, secured or unsecured loans to any purchaser or owner of a residential housing or a commercial or an industrial project for the purpose of financing the purchase, construction, rehabilitation, demolition or equipping of a residential housing or a commercial and industrial redevelopment program;

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