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The state Enterprise Zone Program is designed to increase the quantity and quality of the available job opportunities within an Enterprise Zone area. Designated Enterprise Zones are given priority consideration to facilitate identified business investment and job creation opportunities. The Enterprise Zone of Bucks County's business development strategy is designed to maximize new private sector investment by optimally utilizing public sector resources available within Enterprise Zone areas.

The Enterprise Zone of Bucks County encompasses portions of six municipalities in Bucks County: Bensalem Township, Bristol Township, Bristol Borough, Falls Township, Morrisville Borough, and Tullytown Borough. The total land area is 16 square miles and nearly one-third of the County's total labor force lives in the Enterprise Zone communities.

The Enterprise Zone of Bucks County's local business development plan is centered on five strategic objectives:

Provide technical and financial resources through "One-Stop-Shop" for small businesses and start-up businesses in the Enterprise Zone area;

Implement a Brownfields Revitalization program to reclaim or turn back to active use nearly 3 square miles of vacant or abandoned industrial property located in the Enterprise Zone area;

Design and implement a strategic marketing plan to better communicate to existing businesses in the Enterprise Zone area, community residents and to attract new businesses;

Provide assistance to export businesses and support the long term development of a deep water port at USX Fairless site; and,

1. Create and maintain a comprehensive master plan for the Enterprise Zone area which takes into consideration such factors as quality of life, education and job training, infrastructure and transportation needs, zoning, natural resources and community development.

A primary mission of the Enterprise Zone is to provide the coordination and communication between the business community and the public sector. The Enterprise Zone of Bucks County can be effective in coordinating business needs (financial or technical) with the correct public sector agency and providing the business community with access to existing and new resources (financial and technical) available for business growth and expansion. The Enterprise Zone Program places a priority on assistance to businesses involved in industrial, manufacturing and export services.

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